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Scope NewYork 2020

Galeri MCRD participates in Scope New York 2020 (Booth 049) with a solo booth of 10  paintings by Yasemin Cengiz Cagatay.


Yasemin Cengiz Çağatay's ‘Painting Other Universes‘ solo exhibition features 10 paintings, painted in a new way of surrealist and futurist painting, viewed from the perspective of the digital age. Her imagery follows the times; imagining the future and envisioning new possible universes while we are becoming something completely new.She offers a lyrical meditation on new vistas, using the colors with a painterly approach.  She enlists her otherworldly compositions to pose timely and nuanced questions, touching upon notions of perception and how technology will give access to a new world.Her supposed “brain in a vat” which could be the artist’s alter ego visits other universes as a time traveling supernatural being, and then tells us about them, to challenge received notions of the universe.The artist’s visual story of an imagined future or parallel universes is resonant with ongoing  issues and debates, both the philosophical and the political ones, regarding mankind’s perception of the universe. A devout admirer of the master painters of the past like Vrubel and the futurist Balla, her urge to innovate goes hand in hand with a profound engagement with the older art she reveres. Her recent works  derive from a deep rooted investigation into memory, creativity and the layering of experience, where the boundaries between form and formlessness, light and its absence, rational and irrational thought provide a rich seam of conceptual enquiry and poetic reflection. In the deeply sonorous White Mane Coming Home the artist reflects on the contemporary world. Using a vivid palette of deep reds and yellows, she creates a work of intense power and resonance; its content  becoming fragmentary while its radial composition evokes forces of great energy.

Yasemin Cengiz Çağatay studied Business Management in Bosphorus University,Istanbul. She had her inaugural exhibition Beyond Reality in All Arts Istanbul Fair in  2013, and had other solo exhibitions at Galeri MCRD she co-founded: Work-In-Progress and Other Worlds .She has participated to the group exhibitions of the gallery, ReflexSpectacular , and Epiphany, as well as the gallery's group exhibition at Contemporary Istanbul 2014. She held her last  solo exhibition at Contemporary İstanbul 2019.

March 5-8 2020

Metropolitan Pavilion

Selected Works