Plugin İstanbul 2014

Galeri MCRD participates in PLUGIN ISTANBUL 2014 (Booth P17), new media section of Contemporary İstanbul, with video works by Yiğit Hepsev and Asena Hayal. 


The gallery exhibits YİĞİT HEPSEV's video mapping Outside (sound by Mete Birgören) and ASENA HAYAL's conceptual video work  The Fight between Eye and Ear.

"In his video work Outside, Yiğit Hepsev focuses on the individual’s sense of belongingness and the quest for identity from an inner point of view. He leaves the viewer face to face with a character visible in six different frames, never able to belong somewhere or to hold on to something. The figure that continues to fall into the void in the presence of sounds whose source we cannot exactly identify, seems to be surrounded by the imagery he or she mentally assigns to the concept of non- belongingness. Each frame has a different dominant motif: the breasts symbolize the quest for sexual identity, spanning from childhood to adulthood; the white nets observed by uncanny eyes in the dark represent the family’s, the social network’s and the society’s prejudices; the rolling avalanche balls stand for the pressure of the anxieties that dominate the world of thoughts and that grow as they are added together; the greenish liquid reminiscent of the deep waters where the first traces of life emerged, symbolizes the tentative answers to cosmic and existential questions; the pink sky represents the never fulfilled dreams and disappointments pertaining to vital objectives; and finally, the falling figure dominating the black background is a reminder of the inner void and helplessness generated by all these layers ofbelongingness. While we also sense the artist’s nostalgia for his childhood, Hepsev’s attitude is once more strengthened by his naive graphic language and invites the viewer to a sensitive journey into the deepest parts of his ego."   (İpek Yeğinsü, curator of The Quest exhibition this work was first presented.)

"In her installation entitled The Fight between Eye and Ear, Asena Hayal uses Pieter Bruegel’s (1525-1569) The Fight Between Carnival and Lent in a game based on synesthesia. This lively painting representing the transition between two seasonal diets shows both situations simultaneously in one single frame; the composition is so intense and dynamic, the viewer almost feels like actually hearing the sounds and noises in the painting. The game Hayal has created with the sounds she composed and produced, consists of vocalizing the scenes described in thepainting while presenting the image and the sound in each other’s absence, in a way to render the viewer suspicious of a technical problem. The presence of sound in the absence of the imagery forces us to mentally visualize the composition, whereas the silent image is a reminder of the situation generated by the original artwork mobilizing the auditory imagination. The notion of “transformation” that we often encounter in Hayal’s art has the leading role in this work as well, and is a manifestation of the artist’s experimental quest in the realm of new media, especially of the concept of perception and its complexities."   (İpek Yeğinsü, curator of The Quest exhibition this work was first  presented.)

13-16 November 2014

Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center 

About the Artists

Yiğit Hepsev started his art career by taking part in design teams in print and interactive media. He currently works in animation industry in İstanbul as a motion graphics artist who also gets experienced as a filmmaker and an independent visual artist combining different techniques of storytelling.He has participated to both Galeri MCRD's first exhibition "The Quest" at the gallery, and at the Plugin section of Contemporary Istanbul 2014 with his video work. He also took part in group exhibitions in İstanbul. He holds a B.Sc. degree from Yıldız Technical University's Department of Interactive Media Design (2010) and an MA from Bilgi University's Department of  Film and Television (2013). He also studied at FH Joanneum, University of Applied  Sciences, Department of Information Design, Graz, Austria as Erasmus student in the 2007-2008 period.

Asena Hayal is a conceptual artist and curator who holds a BA from Yıldız Technical University Art and Design department, İstanbul.

Asena Hayal,The Fight Between Eye and Ear, Video 

Yiğit Hepsev, Outside, Video Mapping

Installation View