Hand-carved, Yücel Kale's work shares the sleek forms, clean lines, rich color and graceful curves of the Art Deco aesthetic. Elegantly slender and attenuated, it remains in the tradition of René Lalique. Talisman represents an enigmatic female partial figure, filled with paradox and wonder. The opalescent green tends to the sublime, and his works are also remarkable for the quality of their draftsmanship. His sentimentality is reflected in the expressive, symbolic and literary content. In fundamental ways, Kale's sculptures are representational. He draws inspiration from the modern art, producing works both in the anatomic figure tradition and the stylized works. Keeping his affinities with the modern temper, he enjoys playing with the human form:The subtlest of movements and expressions can be captured to portray myriad emotions and convey tension, drama, fluidity and grace. No other subject has this richness of emotional and spiritual content or the capacity to convey such a broad and interesting narrative.

Yücel Kale, Talisman, 2019 Glass 48 × 22 × 24 cm