Spectacular  Exhibition

This cross-generational exhibition presents the works of three artists of the same family together: Grandmother, mother and son;  and all three artists celebrate the beauty of nature in its very spectacularity.

February 2- 27  2015

Galeri MCRD

About the Artists

As the post-narrative era offers an immense range of artistic choices, certainly there is room for painting in the classical sense; and all three artists celebrate the beauty of nature in its very spectacularity. The landscapes characterized by luminescence of color reflect the artists’ sense of awe in the grandeur of nature, although they use different styles. The eldest of the trio, Saadet Cengiz’s enigmatic gouache painting Wedding in Fantasia is influenced by children’s tales such as Alice in Wonderland and old fairy tales, as well as the Surrealist painters including Leonora Carrington -19 years her senior- depicting their own bestiary like Cengiz.


There seem to exist a number of possibilities in this scene, the viewers are invited to imagine their own story. Saadet Cengiz’s spirited insects dressed as a bride and groom leaving their fairy tale home in the rocks are otherworldly creatures populating her active imagination; living in an imaginary world where reality is upturned. Imagination is as limitless as the horizon. In this, they meet her grandson Alpagrif’s vividly colored coastal scenes, especially the one depicting the angel of death in the act of taking a mortal to the “other side”; or her daughter Yasemin Cengiz Cagatay’s spirited flowers interacting with birds, depicting the ambiguity involved. It is clear that the artists’ strong desire to see things beyond the immediately perceptible, or things beyond the rational or comprehensible unites them, although there are long years separating them.




Alpagrif is currently a senior at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Film and TV department, and has graduated from The Koc School, Istanbul in 2016. Spectacular exhibition in 2015  is the first exhibition the young artist has participated.


Yasemin Cengiz Çağatay studied Business Management in Istanbul's Bosphorus University. She had her first solo exhibition Beyond Reality in All Arts Istanbul Fair in April 2013, and had other solo exhibitions at Galeri MCRD: Work-In-Progress (2014) and Other Worlds (2014).She has participated to the group exhibitions of the gallery, Reflex (2014), Spectacular (2015), and Epiphany (2015), as well as the gallery's group exhibition at Contemporary Istanbul 2014. 


Saadet Cengiz studied art in 1950s in Ankara in the school which became Gazi University now, and worked as an art teacher for thirty years in İstanbul, and did not exhibit her work.


Selected Works


Alpagrif, Destiny

Alpagrif, Vapourwave

Saadet Cengiz , Wedding  in Fantasia

Yasemin Cengiz Cagatay, Ambiguity

Yasemin Cengiz Çağatay, Ice Age

Alpagrif, Cornucopia