About the Gallery 

The gallery ethos is simple: to promote innovative artists and to nurture the best talent. It is featuring in its program principal disciplines such as painting and sculpture, while also encouraging the digital technologies' role in contemporary art in Turkey. Its scope in new media comprises digital painting, photography, video, animation, movement, sound and internet art, as well as their interdisciplinary dialogue with painting, sculpture and photography; and thus embraces a multidisciplinary attitude.

Galeri MCRD has been founded in  2013 in Tophane, İstanbul by Yasemin-Ogeday Çağatay.                     

                 is an artist. Ogeday Çağatay has worked as Chief Financial Executive for multinational energy companies and as advisor for private equities. After two and a half years at this location, the gallery continued its operations as an Online Art Gallery during the New York years and also later, until the Acarkent location has been opened in 2019.

Photo Courtesy Emre Ogan