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Galata Exhibition

Galeri MCRD presents Galata exhibition of Ali Öner aka FractAli. A painter of epic vistas and dazzling intricacies, Fractali creates complex, turbulent worlds whose syncopated rhythms corral a multitude of references from art history as well as allusions to our own turbulent times.


Jan 20-Feb20, 2024

Drawing on his imagination and photographs, Fractali creates restless, radiant paintings chronicling crescendos of excitement.In these works the artist combined panoramic and close-up views, reflecting the beauty of 50’s İstanbul with its old buildings along with 19th century ships, making him a time traveller searching beauty in another era.Fractali’s Istanbul landscapes series are infused with a dreamlike, surreal sensibility – often directly related to a particular perception or the atmosphere of an encounter, individual or scene. Everyday events are transformed into grand, epic scenes where the artist's cartoon-like figures fuse together with the trails and currents of energy that animate the canvas. With its high-gloss surfaces and accentuated colors Fractali’s work moves towards an almost sculptural three-dimensionality in its delineation of forms.His diverse visual vocabulary  is here harnessed into creating deeply atmospheric images which express a keen awareness of seasonal cycles, reminding us of our fragile coexistence with the natural world, but also its resounding beauty. These works meld an exuberant exterior world with an energetic interior consciousness. He builds finely wrought narratives that, at times tinged with symbolism, can be read as spirited visions of the here and now. In these new paintings, the Galata tower steps forward, uprooted from landscape traditions to become an outlandish and feisty protagonist in its own right. Exact and delicate in their execution, the motifs in these works depict a spectacular vision of Galata and are complete forms in themselves, eliciting a strange and compelling beauty.


Fractali’s fluid, dreamlike imagery references graphic novels and the golden age of animation. There is a dynamic interplay between people and the places they inhabit. Fractali has gained a reputation for works that, luminous in color and often large in scale, hinge on a sense of historic nostalgia. His devotion to beauty in his latest Galata series makes him a romantic painter, taking a new stance away from his contemporary digital paintings where he used fractals. Drawing on a range of sources, from Old Master Landscape painting to Romanticism and animation, Fractali  toys with signifiers in a playfully confrontational style. His subjects are at once monumental in scale.Animated, reflective and mysterious, paintings by the artist continue an intuitive approach to image-making, where an imaginary world is filtered through the artist’s own psychological landscape. 


The canvas is densely filled, reading as a painterly continuum,  shifting in color from edge to edge. Explosive color is applied onto architecture and landscapes. A painter of epic vistas and dazzling intricacies, Fractali creates complex, turbulent worlds whose syncopated rhythms corral a multitude of references from art history as well as allusions to our own turbulent times. In any single, expansive canvas one might sense the crystalline detail of the Persian miniature tradition and the narrative dexterity of the early Dutch masters.Based on photographs, his digital paintings leave no place for chance or spontaneity.Refinement reigns supreme.He paints paintings that are both architectural and sculptural; theatrical, painted sculptures; that expose the multivalent nature of memory and representation.This source material from Istanbul photographs is harnessed for Fractali’s own ends, in a desire to create new worlds of his own.

He graduated from Hacettepe University as a chemical engineer in 1981.In 1999, he was introduced to "Fractal", which is produced with mathematical formulas. The artist (aka FractAli) continues his work ( by following current digital technology and applying it to his works from those years until today.He is interested in algorithmic art and AI (artificial intelligence) and uses them as tools in his work productions.In 2003, he received the first prize in the Fractal Art Museum Enterprise -Fame competition with his work "Green World".He has been the designer of Fashion Art Design brand since 2016.

In 2002, Nescafe included the artist's works in the "Digital art" section of Nescafelive, upon the invitation of Mc Cann Erickson (UK), and published his paintings as one of nine international digital artists.
2004 Mexico Chapingo University. It included the artist among 30 artists from around the world to promote fractal art and artists.
2005 He opened one of the first fractal painting exhibitions in Turkey at Orion AVM Culture and Exhibition Hall. 36 high-resolution Fractals printed at museum quality were exhibited in the exhibition.
Three of his works were exhibited in the competition in which 100 international photography and digital artists from 35 countries participated in the Chianciano Terme Museum (Italy) in September 2010.
Three of his works were exhibited at the 8th Fiorentina Biennial to which he was invited in 2011.
In 2012, his work was included in the group exhibition called "Empati" at Kiplas Art Center.
In 2015, "Memory of Colors" took part in the Ortaköy Banyan exhibition.
Since 2016, he ha been working as the designer of "" Fashion Art Design Brand.

Galeri MCRD 

About the Artist


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