Contemporary İstanbul 2014

Galeri MCRD participates in Contemporary İstanbul 2014 (Booth LK 604) with works by Özlem Paker, Ayşe Ören, Alexandre Dujardin,Sonia Klajnberg, İpek Yeğinsü, Balca Arda and Yasemin Cengiz Çağatay.


Nov 13th – 16th 2014

Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center 

The exhibition features 6 artists whose work spans a myriad of styles and applications, from figuration to abstraction.ÖZLEM PAKER participated to the group exhibition with her kinetic sculpture Pinning The Map and digital collages Rhthym 03 and Rhthym 19, and AYŞE ÖREN with her interactive brass sculpture Too Funky.The gallery also presents  ALEXANDRE DUJARDIN's three works from Aenima and Adventures of Sonia Ploum series, SONIA KLAJNBERG's  three works from her Revolution of Robots  series, and İPEK YEĞİNSU's digital photography from her City Lights series. Also on view is BALCA ARDA's digital painting Indirect, exhibited along YASEMİN CENGİZ ÇAĞATAY's mixed media works The Eye, Deep Blue, The Dream, Heaven, Mystery, Pure, Retopia, Allegory, Embrace, DNA and Chaos


Özlem Paker is  a multi-disciplinary artist who holds a MFA in multimedia from Parsons' Design & Technology Department and who also worked as a faculty member in Product and Communication Design departments of Parson's.Her Rhythm photo collage series  uses the repetitions we encounter both in natural elements and manmade structures. The artist with a deep interest in the formation and transformation of matter, enriches color and form through light effects generated by the plexiglass and through unusual framing. Deconstructing the photographed image, transforming it and recombining it in digital environment, Paker conducts a deep research into the possibilities offered by the space. Utterly different textures and forms emerge while reflections, intersections and overlappings merge. These completely new images overthrowing our expectations rely on the very mathematical rules at the basis of the perfect sequences found in nature. At this point the hierarchy and the boundaries between the natural and the artificial cease to exist. Is the observed and documented geometry more real; or the composition deliberately created by the response to it? With a constructivist approach, Paker implies to the viewer that her purpose is to reconcile these two images instead of making them compete.

Özlem Paker's installation Pinning the Map illustrates the complexity of memory and cognitive processes. The kinetic bust is covered with memory and thought balloons emerging from the respective regions of the brain and the pins insterted into them. The overloaded mind floats in the vortice of thousands of data and fights against the brainwashing mechanisms targeting it; the slow spin both implies a universe generating internal movement and the helplessness of the disoriented individual with unsettled thoughts. The questions, problems and mental pressures manifest such a wide variety that they range from simple, “to-be-remembered” codes such as phone numbers or passwords to good-bad, beautiful-ugly judgments and plans to save the world. Yet they all essentially coexist in the mind; they have the same priority and it is impossible to establish a hierarchy between them. In the right context, the place of a key in every individual’s small universe can become as crucial as saving the world. Isn’t ourreality the sum of our daily lives and basic decisions, after all?(İpek Yeğinsü,the curator of the Reflex exhibition this installation was first exhibited).

Ayşe Ören is an architect, designer and sculptor who studied design and interior architecture at Bilkent University.Too Funky, the first member of her interactive sculpture series she names Seduction, is inspired by Artemis, the goddess of nature, hunt and moon. Numerous breasts on the body’s front side we encounter in the depictions of the Artemis of Ephesus, underline the concepts of fertility and abundance. In addition to her breasts, Oren’s goddess has emphasized ovaries and the part of her body containing female reproductive organs is arranged in a way reminiscent of an owl’s face. In many mythological sources the owl is identified with the moon, which is identified with femininity and fertility. Thus Oren’s work refers to all these symbols at once. The work’s frame is confined to the woman’s most eye catching and seductive part". (İpek Yeğinsü, curator of the "Reflex" exhibition this sculpture was first exhibited.)

İpek Yeğinsü is a photographer and contemporary art professional who studied political science, art history and museology in Koç University. Istanbul City Lights Series  project is ongoing since 2008. The abstract compositions realized throughout the city with long exposure technique at night originate from Yeğinsü's tendency to “paint with the camera”. In the artwork the camera is the brush, where the observed reality is reinterpreted in an abstract expressionist manner. The paint, on the other hand, is the light itself. While swiftly passing through the city with our intense living pace, our perception of it is more similar to a moving, blurry impression rather than to a static image. The photographs are created exactly in this state of mind; both the photographer and her environment are in constant movement. Beams of light captured by the lens, the majority of which coming from artificial sources, are no longer an instrument rendering the objects visible; they are the image itself, the primary component of the abstract landscape. Aren’t these artifical lights rendering the city visible at night and endowing it with its external contours, thus its identity? The elements of intuition, randomness and time- space relationship residing in these works transform them into the photographer’s “reflex” to the urban texture surrounding her.(İpek Yeğinsü)


Information about the works of other artists exhibited at the fair is presented in their pages on this site. Please refer to "artist" pages of Yasemin Cengiz Çağatay, Alexandre Dujardin, Sonia Klajnberg and Balca Arda on this website.The gallery is  among the fair's new media section CI'14 PLUGIN's exhibitors with YİĞİT HEPSEV's video mapping "Outside" and ASENA HAYAL's conceptual video work  "The Fight between Eye and Ear".Please refer to Plugin İstanbul page on this website for further information.

Selected Works

Özlem Paker, Rhythm 03

Alexandre Dujardin, Aenima IV

Ayşe Ören, Too Funky

Alexandre Dujardin,Toad and Water Lilly  

Özlem Paker, Rhythm 19

Yasemin Cengiz Çağatay, Transcendence

İpek Yeğinsü, İstanbul City Lights Series,#153

Balca Arda, Indirect

Sonia Klajnberg, Robot Lumberjack

Alexandre Dujardin, Let Me Tell You a Story

Installation View

Özlem Paker, Pinning The Map