Alpagrif's practice can be best described as engaging in his own unique form of myth-making, one in which the interweaving of fact with fiction opens up possibilities for an imagined new world, markedly different from those that appear in classical history.

About the Artist

The young artist Alpagrif’s paintings are irreducible as simple records of the artist’s decision-making process. Equally strong are suggestions of landscapes or objects, actual things in the world or those filtered through the canon of twentieth-century art. In his painting practice, Alpagrif focuses on the ways in which objects and images impress upon us via essences of colour, shape and texture and how these essences affect us. The associativity they inspire is endless.  In his works Alpagrif proposes worlds within worlds. Painterly techniques are employed alongside Alpagrif's construction of images comprised of doodlings and transformations of organic forms, densely textured and sculptural. Alpagrif creates the panoramic mise-en-scènes on display entirely with his mind’s eye, pouring out its  contents on screen. Realised often in carnival-bright colours, his works are chromatically and metaphorically rich, suggesting imaginary creatures, animals, plants, the human body and landscape ranging from the microscopic to the macrocosmic. 

The focus of his writing practice is different.Currently, he works on a cyberpunk comedy set in the year 20XX he co-created, with a grotesque and sarcastic humor, parodying the ‘high-tech, low-life’ sense of the genre. It stresses the current trends putting people at the mercy of authoritarian governments and intrusive companies, making them isolated and further dependent on pricy tech.A senior film student and a composer, he aims to examine complex intersections of narrative, fact and fiction through digital painting, photography, animation, film, music and installation.

Alpagrif is currently a senior at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Film and TV department, and has graduated from The Koc School, Istanbul in 2016. Galeri MCRD's Spectacular exhibition in 2015 at the gallery in İstanbul is the first exhibition the young artist has participated, and he has also contributed to the subsequent Epiphany exhibition with his digital works.

Selected Works

Alpagrif, Savior

Alpagrif, Vapourwave

Alpagrif,  Destiny

Alpagrif, Big Splash

Alpagrif, Cornucopia

Alpagrif, Core